2019 World Rowing Championships – Sarasota

World Rowing U23 Championships begin tomorrow in Sarasota-Bradenton, USA

1907 Sarasota Opening

The Under 23 Australian Rowing Team are set to race this week at the World Rowing U23 Championships. The regatta takes place at Sarasota-Bradenton in the United States of America from 24 to 28 July 2019.

The event will host nearly 700 athletes from 53 nations, with Australia entering 40 athletes in 13 crews. Patients of the Practice; Ben and Mitchell Hooper will be among the competitors.

Racing will begin on Wednesday 24 July at 9:00 EDT (23:00 AEST Wednesday 24 July in Australia). All racing will be live streamed through World Rowing’s YouTube channel and their website

In addition to the livestream, World Rowing will be providing live audio and boat-tracking on its website, along with detailed results and race draws.

Rowing Australia will be uploading a short daily wrap up of racing, to its website, each morning after racing concludes in Sarasota (due to the time difference).

Rowing Australia will be putting out a media release at the conclusion of the World Rowing U23 Championships on Sunday 28 July to summarise all the U23 Australian Rowing Team results.

All the best for the Australian Team.

190722 U23 Australian Rowing Team


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