Australian Posture

Australian Posture: The Cause of Chronic Back and Neck Pain?

Case History: Chronic Back Pain and Forward Head Posture

Australian Posture is something we commonly see in Practice and is a driver of many lower back and neck conditions.

Australian Posture is the forward translation of the torso and head forward of the vertical green axis line, in the manner you see below. Not only does this create tremendous pressure on the lower back, but also the neck and shoulders.

Australian Posture is not to be confused with ‘American Posture’, a distortion we will explain on another blog post.

As a general rule of thumb, if your entire head translates forward of the green line (the vertical axis) you are quite likely to develop chronic lower back pain. In time, due to the difficulty in holding this position, you will commonly end up with neck pain and disability as well.

Remember, You can not fight gravity forever. Gravity will win.

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