Sausages with cordial a recipe for asthma

Children who frequently eat sausages and dried fruit and drink
cordial ingest quantities of preservatives exceeding food safety

A survey of the national diet by the food regulator, Food Standards,
found some children aged two to five exceeded the acceptable daily
intake of sulfites and benzoates, which can trigger asthma and

Boys in this age group who ate a significant amount of beef sausages, cordial and dried apricots were estimated to be consuming sulfite at 280 per cent of the recommended level, while girls’ intake was 210 per cent of the acceptable intake.

Benzoate levels were 140 per cent of recommended levels for boys and 120 per cent for girls.

Food Standards’ chief scientist, Dr Marion Healy, said the regulator was concerned when acceptable levels were exceeded, even though high safety margins were factored in and parents would not see immediate health effects.

“It is undesirable in the long term and parents should make sure their children have a mixed diet,” she said.

Food Standards said that as a result of the findings, it may seek to reduce the level of those preservatives permitted in foods and was contacting manufacturers.

Dr Healy said adults who ate a significant amount of foods containing preservatives were also found to be ingesting more than the recommended daily intake. White wine was a major source of sulfites.

Sulfite is illegal in minced meat, but the survey found four out of 15 samples of mince tested contained the preservative. A Food Standards spokeswoman said asthmatics of all ages were advised to avoid sulfites.

A spokesman for the Dietitians Association of Australia, Alan Barclay, said about 8 per cent of the population were sensitive to preservatives.


Dr. Hooper’s Comment

I have five kids. I am very unpopular at kids party’s.

I have learnt not to say much, but I have trouble controlling the look on my face when I see kids wolfing into party pies, sausages, doughnuts and soft drinks.

Why do we do this?

Why do we do it to our kids?

Why do we do it to ourselves?

I was at a party recently when I saw the parents pumping their child up on ventolin, prior to eating at the party, because ‘he gets so excited at these things – and we don’t want him to have an attack’. No kidding!

How can I put this simply. Back away from the coke and cordial. Put down the processed meat (or whatever they put in it). And you WONT NEED THE VENTOLIN.

Any wonder we have to hire a ‘play centre’ for the party. The children’s blood sugar level is so high. They are so full of artificial flavourings and preservatives. Is it any wonder why all the kids become
completely feral.

Gone are the days of having a few friends at home for a kids party. No one would want the children at home – they would completely tear the place apart. Why? Because we are feeding them the WRONG foods.

‘GIGO’; Garbage in. Garbage out.

We pay our money, leave the ‘fun centre’ (should be feral centre) and thank God it is over till next time. Meanwhile our kids liver, neurological and urinary systems are working over time to process all the poison they have just ingested.

So tell me, why do we do this?

Sugar, preservatives and processed food contributes to asthma.

Not surprising really. But there it is.