Iatrogenesis – Rx Side Effects

Iatrogenesis Iatrogenesis is an inadvertent adverse effect or complication resulting from medical treatment or advice, including that of psychologists, therapists, pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and dentists.

Iatrogenesis is not restricted to conventional medicine; it can also result from complementary and alternative medicine treatments. So be careful.

Some iatrogenic artifacts are clearly defined and easily recognized, such as a complication following a surgical procedure.

Some less obvious ones can require significant investigation to identify, such as complex drug interactions.

Furthermore, some conditions have been described for which it is unknown, unproven, or even controversial whether they are iatrogenic or not; this has been encountered in particular with regard to various psychological and chronic-pain conditions. Research in these areas continues.

Causes of iatrogenesis include negative effects of drugs, chance, medical error, negligence,  anxiety or annoyance related to medical procedures, and the adverse effects or interactions of medications.

We discuss a few in subsequent pages.

Death by Medicine

Something is wrong when regulatory agencies pretend that vitamins are dangerous, yet ignore published statistics showing that government-sanctioned medicine is the real hazard.

Until now, we could cite only isolated statistics to make its case about the dangers of conventional medicine.

No one had ever analyzed and combined ALL of the published literature dealing with injuries and deaths caused by government-protected medicine.

That has now changed.


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Did the Chiropractor Actually Break the Baby’s Neck?

Over recent months I have watched with a sense of horror the wave of anti-Chiropractic stories and headlines in newspapers and social media.

None more confronting than those that appeared a few weeks ago with the frightening claim of a Chiropractor breaking the neck of a baby.

But while I love a great headline – it would be nice if what the papers reported was correct.

Problem is, the story was not true.


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