‘Alternative Medicine’ Side Effects

Lets keep the Science in Natural MedicineJust ‘cos it’s ‘natural’ it’s safe right?

Well. Er. No actually.

It is of great concern the number of patients that ‘self prescribe’ their natural medicines.

Thumbing through rows of colourful and cleverly packaged supplements in the supermarket isle or health food store is not conducive to the selection of the correct natural medicine.

The prescription of natural medicine is a science.

Indeed Orthomolceular Medicine is the prescription of natural medicine according to your biochemistry and precise metabolic requirements.

Our practitioners are constantly reading, researching, attending seminars and updating their knowledge to keep up with this rapidly evolving and exciting field.






The Controversy Over Blackmores Deal with Pharmacies

Most of you would have heard something about the Blackmores “Coke and Fries” deal with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia in the last week or so.

Controversy has absolutely erupted in the media over this new agreement and the turn of phrase ‘sleeping with the enemy’ has been used to describe this contentious shaking of hands.

Spinal Centres gives you a run down on the deal and what it means for you.


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