Enjoy Avo’ Power – Ditch the Refined Carbs

AvacadoDid you know whatever you choose to eat becomes your body’s fuel source?

And you can literally ‘train’ your body to burn what ever fuel source you so desire.

It could be carbs. Think kindling on the fire.

It could be protein. Think logs on the fire.

It could be fats. Think fuel oil.

Heck you could even train yourself to survive on whale blubber (fats) and still survive quite well.

Eskimos have better lipid profiles than us and suffer less cardiovascular disease. Interesting!


Consider Your Coonara

If you want to stay warm during winter how would you get your Coonara (wood heater) going?

Well, you would probably use some kindling to get it started and then put logs on when you could.

You might use some small kindling initially.

But you know that bigger kindling helps get the logs going.

And it is the logs – like red gum – that keep you warm for hours.

The finer the kindling – the more refined the carbohydrate. Think carbs like sugar, biscuits, bread etc.

The bigger kindling (fruits, veggies and especially low GI vegetables) the longer they burn.

The logs on the fire are protein.

The better the protein – the longer they burn. Think turkey, roo, buffalo, salmon etc.

No one in their right mind would put kindling on the Coonara all day and expect to stay warm with a nice even heat.

You would be constantly scratching around trying to find more kindling.

But that is exactly the way most people eat!

Carbs, carbs and more carbs.

Always hungry, scratch’n for food. Looking for something to ‘fill them up’.


Eat Like a Meat Eating Celiac Vegetarian 

For most patients the fuel source is carbs. And refined, wheat based carbs at that.

Highly inflammatory. Hard to process. Wreak havoc with your blood sugars levels. Upset your digestive system. Make you more hungry. Highly addictive.

And, oh yeah increase your back pains.

So I was discussing what type of good fats (fuel oil) could be used by a patient to avoid the hyperglycaemia and inflammatory problems of grain based carbohydrates, and stumbled across this Mens Health article:


Kick those 3 pm sugar cravings to the kerb by adding avocado to your lunch.

When researchers at Loma Linda University split 26 overweight adults into two groups then asked one group to add half an avocado to their lunch they discovered the avo’ eaters were 40 percent less likely to eat over the next three hours.

The avocado group also reported increased feelings of fullness over that period. And although their overall kilojoule and carb intake was higher, ‘there was no increase in blood sugar levels beyond was observed after eating a standard lunch’ says study author Dr. Joan Sabate.

Steady blood sugars levels reduce your risk of heading for the vending machine when that afternoon slump hits.


It is easy to move away from a grain based diet.

Just move up the buffet.


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