Introducing Avon Vlahov – Exercise Physiologist


It is with great pleasure that we introduce Avon, an Exercise Physiologist who has joined The Spinal Centre Rehabilitation Team.

Av completed his Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

Av has been working closely with Dr. Hooper, Dr. Ruby and our Chiropractic Intern Jared as part of the Rehabilitation Team – particularly @ The Montrose Spinal Centre.

Originally from outback Australia, Av was a ‘country boy’ growing up on a large property near Geraldton, Western Australia. He developed a keen interest in the function of the human body when he was young and is involved in a variety of sports.

He made the move to Melbourne to further his knowledge and expertise in the latest treatment of spinal injuries, neuro based recovery, mirror image traction and postural correction.

Av enjoys working with people of all ages and conditions. He is great with kids and the elderly. He is very creative, developing innovative, interesting and tailored exercise programs to suit your particular case.

He will be working closely with Spinal Centre patients who are in the Rehabilitation stream of care and want to get the best results possible.

Av looks forward to working with the Clinic community to encourage healthy exercise interventions, to assist in recovery and help You achieve better postural and structural correction.


Important News for Patients, Health Fund Claiming and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Programs

Av is a registered Exercise Physioloigst with all major health funds. Therefore, if you have the appropriate health insurance you will be able to claim his services.

For those patients in the Rehabilitation Stream – it could be a fantastic benefit and save you money on your care.

Av also provides individual Exercise Physiology and Initial Rehabilitation Consultations on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. On the Wednesday session there is greater time to explore your case and provide custom exercise prescriptions to best suit your condition.

Exercise Physiology Consultations focus on the importance of postural correction with individual strength, flexibility and mobility training sessions. The exercise consultations tailor perfectly with your Corrective Care.


Chronic Disease Management (CDM) and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Programs

If clinically indicated, your Medical Doctor (GP) may refer you to The Spinal Centre for specialist exercise advice, injury rehabilitation and exercise physiology.

It is known as a Exercise Physiology referral on the ‘CDM’ or previously known as the ‘EPC’ Enhanced Primary Care Program.

Usually there is provision for FIVE (5) consultations and the service is funded under Medicare.

So, if you would like to utilise this service, be sure to talk to Dr. Hooper and then your GP about an appropriate referral to our Exercise Physiologist; Av for your funded EPC Program.


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