Getting Ahead of the Curve

The Modern Principles of Scoliosis Management

On the weekend of the July 20, The Spinal Centre Team attended a seminar on the latest research and techniques for Scoliosis Care and Management.

Key Topics Included:

Scoliosis Classification by Aetiology

  • Idiopathic
  • Neuromuscular
  • Neurofibromatosis
  • Congenital
  • Mesenchymal
  • Traumatic
  • Soft Tissues Contactures
  • Osteochondrodystrophies
  • Tumours
  • Rheumatoid Disease
  • Metabolic
  • Surgical or Iatrogenic
  • Functional

Accurate Diagnosis and Management; Case Studies Arnold Chiari Type 1 Malformations , Syringomyella (Syrinx),

Idiopathic Scoliosis; disorientation and deformation.Hueter Volkmann Principle

Scoliosis Progression

Adult Scoliosis

  • Ageing Spinal and Scoliosis; 35% over 60, up to 68% in over 90 year olds
  • Degenerative De Novo Scoliosis and progression of curve
  • Postural Balance; Sagittal curves, Coronal balance
  • Clinical and Radiological features that relate to pain
  • Life Expectancy versus Quality of Life
  • Treatment of Adult Scoliosis
  • Indication for treatment, pain, posture, progression and contraindications
  • Special needs for adult cases including osteoporosis
  • Case study of SpineCor adult scoliosis brace


Management of idiopathic scoliosis and children

  • Infantile scoliosis; clinical evaluation, importance MRI
  • Case presentation and reviews
  • Non specific bracing, Scolicare and Socor Bracing, indications and contra indications


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