Introducing The Theragun: Natural Pain Relief

Be pain-free and pill-free. See how TheraGun heals.

With 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body, no two of us are alike, yet we still suffer from the same aches and pain that negatively impact our lives. Let us show you how this natural therapy can give you pain relief without pills. Be pain free and see how Theragun can enhance your chiropractic care at The Spinal Centre.

Using advanced percussive frequency modulation therapy (yeah, that’s a thing) the TheraGun G2PRO™ goes to work on persistent muscle & joint pain – bringing long lasting comfort and much needed relief, so you can get back into your life – and get out of the pain. Imagine never having to pop another pill for pain again! Pain typically manifests as one specific frequency, and the brain has a hierarchy of frequencies that is processed in a very particular sequence. Introduce a mind-blowing proprietary frequency to interject that hierarchy and boom, the pain is hijacked – the brain is instead processing the soothing stimulus of targeted vibration – and you’re in eternal bliss. Our calibrated 35-40 Hertz frequency is higher than most persisting pain but not too high that the brian would cease to process it altogether – it’s the perfect balance of frequency and amplitude that overrides most other stimuli, allowing for effective relief and increased motion to aid the healing process.



The Spinal Centre Comment

We are thrilled to be working with our patients to achieve optimal results combining Chiropractic care and the Theragun. While it may be a little loud, so far we have been getting a great response from our patients who are receiving Theragun treatment, claiming they feel instantly relieved of pain and niggles. Both athletes and those in chronic pain are seeing incredible results through the use of the Theragun!



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