In this section I will share with you, as a practitioner, what I believe to be the best Nutritional Strategy to improve or normalise health.

Generally patients have had declining health over a number of years, although they may not be aware of it. Some patients have had sub-optimal health for so many years they believe that a state of poor health is ‘normal’.

Typically most patients have problems that relate to a number of different aeitology (or aggravating factors);

  • Acute (new), sub-acute (medium term) or chronic (long term) inflammation; that drives conditions such as muscle aches, muscle pains, muscle weakness, gastrointestinal upset, chronic fatigue, respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues, heart disease, neuro-degenerative conditions of the brain (Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss), recurrent back pain, headaches, strokes, skin conditions and cancer.
  • Mechanical trauma; recent accident, repetitive strain, over use or repetitive work related injuries.
  • Neurotransmitter problems; chronic stress, weight gain (or loss), emotional upset, fatigue, depression, anxiety and poor sleep.

This is something that I recommend ALL patients who attend our practice, to aid and assist in regaining optimal health.


Why Change Our Diets?

In short – Because it is NOT WORKING.

In Australia most adults are overweight (65%) and a large percentage are clinically obese.

As for our children, 40% are overweight by the time they turn 12 and about half of that 40% are clinically obese. They never had a chance!

We are now the fattest country (per capita) IN THE WORLD.

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The Hooper Shake

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in terms of getting our metabolism working and dietary requirements up to scratch to face the day, therefore it is clear that you need to make the right choices about what to have for this first meal of the day.

Many have asked what I have for breakfast.

Here is a tried and true recipe which I have devised over several years and developed to where it provides all of the important nutrients guarantee a great start to the day.

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When Oils Ain’t Oils

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Why should I spend more on fish oil from you, when I can get a cheaper version from the chemist?” The answer is not as simple as just cost.

When you walk into any chemist, pharmacy or even supermarket, you will see the shelves littered with many different brands of fish oils, often carrying ‘budget’ and ‘value’ stickers that make them seem like value for money. Really, 300 capsules for $9.95 is a bargain, right? WRONG. These budget brands could actually be doing you more harm than good. And here’s why.

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Vitamin D Anf Flu. Jpg

Vitamin D Fights Colds and Flu

A recent Japanese study has revealed some interesting and unexpected
results for the effectiveness of vitamin D in the prevention of flu and

The study revealed that people taking vitamin D were 58%
less likely to catch Influenza A, and supplementation dramatically
reduced asthma symptoms in asthmatic children.

This is
exciting new research that highlights the importance of vitamin D – not
only for the prevention of flu and asthma symptoms, but for our overall
health and vitality.

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Nutrients for the Brain

Grandma was 100% right. Fish really is “brain food”. Due to its rich omega-3 content, and high quality protein, selenium and vitamin B12 content and potent levels of iron, zinc and iodine, fish really is a ‘cut’ above other meats.

We should all try to boost the amount of fish we eat every week, and supplement daily with fish oil. We’ve seen the ads, and heard the research – now find out why we should follow this advice.

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