4 Reasons to Take a Great Multi

Multi Vitamin
There are many simple things that you can do to optimise your health everyday
like eating well, exercising and drinking plenty of water.

And though these sound easy, a lot of us often do not manage to do any of the above.

Even if you have a ‘good diet’, what does that really mean and could you do better?

Given that your health is your most valuable asset what steps are you taking to protect your investment in you?

Feeling ‘good’ and being at 100% healthy can be very different concepts. True health is a journey, not just a destination.

However on the road of life, it is not the years but the mileage that has an impact. What are you doing to minimise the mileage?

What we eat provides the raw materials for our body to assist in minimising the ‘mileage’¬† and promote health.

For example, It is not about having such a low intake of vitamin C
so that you get scurvy. It is about have an optimal intake of vitamin C
so that you can perform the tasks you need, while still achieving
better health.

One of the easiest, cost effective and scientifically valid ways to
improve your health is to use a decent multivitamin and multimineral
each day.

Can a Multi’ replace a good diet?

Of course not. But you should always eat well and supplement well.

And here is why…


Four Reasons why You NEED to take a Multivitamin and Multimineral Each Day:

1. You Eat Commercially Grown Food

If you eat food from the local supermarket or big department stores, you will become nutrient and mineral deficient.

Whether we like it or not, commercially grown food does not contain all the minerals and phytochemicals that it used to.

Over-farming has rendered the soil nutrient-poor, so fruit and
vegetables grown in this soil does not contain high levels of vitamins,
minerals and nutrients.

Pesticides and ‘storing’ of fruit and vegetables for months mean that the levels are further depleted.

Chemicals and growth hormones used on our meat reduce the levels of
important nutrients like iron, zinc and magnesium, while the
over-indulgence with processed foods, alcohol and medications mean that
we are running on empty. Or usually sugar.

We tend to be overfed, but in many respects literally starving to death.

Now organic fruits and vegetables are better; although I am
concerned that parts of this industry is being hijacked by the
‘Corporates’ as well.

And. with organic foods usually costing 2-4 times the amount, not many of us are able to purchase these for our family.

The easy way – supplement. It’s not meant to replace fruits and
vegetables – you still need 8 serves of these everyday. Supplementing
with a multi will help to fill in the gaps in your diet.


2. You Are Under Stress

In our busy lives, stress is just another thing that we’ll have to
deal with. Even if you aren’t showing obvious symptoms of stress (nail
biting, panic attacks, general weariness etc), chances are that your
body is feeling it.

The stress we deal with on a day to day basis is enormous when compared with three or four generations ago.

Home loans, school fees, kids sports, credit cards, facebook,
keeping up with the neighbours, late nights, early starts, no time for
yourself, junk food, no time to prepare meals – it never ends.

When we are in a stressed state, our bodies use much more vitamins
and minerals than it does in an otherwise ‘peaceful’ state. In turn, we
become deficient, rendering our bodies useless in fighting illness and

Daily supplementation with a multivitamin and mineral formula has
been scientifically proven to improve health and reduce the risk of
chronic diseases, illness and fatigue.

Chances are that you’ll lead a fairly stressful life until
retirement. Although I know some retirees that are working harder now
than they ever have.

Most of us simply don’t have time to get sick, so topping up our
vitamin and mineral stores to prevent illness is a very smart move.


3. You Perform Repetitive Tasks

For those who do the same thing day in, day out, you’ll know how tired you can get.

Even if you are sitting in front of a computer all day, you will
often feel tired, lethargic and just lousy. Keep in mind though that
this isn’t only due to what you have (or haven’t) eaten.

Repetitive tasks often result in some degree of ‘Repetitive Stress
Injury’, even if you don’t know it. Just think – you may sit, bend or
stand the same way for up to 8 hours in a day, move your arms back and
forth the same way, or even bend or squat.

Whatever it is, you are putting a massive CUMULATIVE strain on your body.

The saying “variety is the spice of life” could not be more
truthful. However, unless you plan to change jobs every couple of
years, you’ll need to cope the best you can with what you are doing.

To fully support your body, muscles, joints, spine and even
eyesight, you NEED vitamins and minerals. Without them, you will fail
to function.

Repetitive and demanding tasks only increase the need for vitamins
and minerals. Damaged, tired and worn body parts crave added amounts of
vitamins and minerals, stripping the amounts from other body parts.

Giving your body the added boost of extra vitamins and minerals will
help you feel energetic, less lethargic and able to perform at your


4. You are Exposed to Chemicals

Chemicals are everywhere. It is virtually impossible to live a chemical free life.

And, for most people the chemical insult begins as soon as you get out of bed.

When you have a shower do you use a chemical-filled shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, toner etc?

Do you use moisturiser, deodorant, perfume, make-up or aftershave? You are using chemicals, most absorbent part of your body – Your Skin.

We touch things that can be drowned in cleaning agents, eat
processed foods prepared with chemicals, and drink hot drinks from
plastic containers that leach chemicals.

Everyday we come into contact with countless chemicals that wreck
havoc in our bodies. Internally, they cause damage, illness and
disease. The easiest way to help conquer these badies? A decent
multivitamin and multimineral. If you want to get fancy, start using an
antioxidant mix as well.

The primary role of vitamins and minerals in the body is to feed our
organs and repair any damage. Without them, we fail to function and
repair. It’s very simple. So if you are deficient in vitamins and
minerals, you could be suffering from chemical damage daily – a scary
thought that basically affects everyone of any age.


Need more reasons? Here are a few more (couldn’t help ourselves!):

Reduce the risk of heart disease

Homocysteine is a chemical found in the body that has been
associated with heart disease, the leading cause of death and
disability in Australia. A daily multivitamin containing 400 mcg of
folic acid with additional vitamins B6 and B12 can help to reduce
homocysteine levels, and can therefore reduce the risk of
cardiovascular disease.

Protect against free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer

Exposure to pollution, excessive sunlight, toxins and chemicals in
our food can lead to free radicals being produced in our bodies. Free
radicals cause oxidative damage if left uncontrolled. Oxidative damage
is a causative factor in many chronic diseases – including cancer and
cardiovascular diseases.

Micronutrients such as selenium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E are
antioxidants that provide protection from free radical formation and
oxidative damage. Studies show that because of this, the regular use of
multivitamins is directly associated with a reduced risk of cancer.

Improved women’s health

Multivitamins have been shown to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual
syndrome, as well as improving maternal health during pregnancy and
lowering the risk of serious birth defects, premature delivery and low
birth weight. Women of child-bearing age who wish to fall pregnant are
commonly advised to take a daily multivitamin and mineral formula
containing at least 400 mcg folic acid.

Support children’s growth and development

Many children are fussy eaters and have a small range of foods they
will eat, which can create deficiencies. In addition, children are
going through very rapid growth, which creates additional demands.

Nutritional deficiency has been associated with learning and
behavioural disorders, poor immune resistance and increased risk of
health problems in later life. A multivitamin for children should be in
a pleasant tasting, powdered form, which makes it easy to administer
and provides a full range of essential nutrients.

Support health in people who are fussy eaters or with allergies

Many people have food allergies which means they can only eat a
limited range of foods. This can create deficiencies that have been
associated with increased risk of disease. For these people, a good
multivitamin and mineral supplement is particularly important.

For those with suspected food allergies and intolerances, The Spinal Centre has
the answer. Our IgG Food Allergy Testing will give you the power to
eliminate the foods that are reacting negatively in your body –
allowing you to make a change for the better. Click here to read more about this revolutionary new testing.

Support good health with advancing age

Multivitamin supplementation can be considered especially essential
for elderly people, because they are at higher risk of deficiency than
younger adults.

This is due to the limited diet many older people consume and a
reduced ability to digest foods properly in old age. Nutritional
supplementation can reduce the risk of infection and can improve
general immune health in advanced age.

Supplementation improves the micronutrient status in the elderly
and reduces their risk for several chronic diseases, including
dementia, heart disease and cancer.

The Spinal Centre’s Comment:

The correct prescription of natural medicine is a hard thing to do.
Often there is a lot of guessing and speculation, and even if your case
history is recorded, who is to know what is working under your skin?

Lucky for us, there is now some amazing new testing that can be done
to determine the EXACT amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients you

We are all different, so a one-size-fits-all approach to
supplementation simply won’t do. This is why The Spinal Centre has introduced the
Baseline Nutritional Evaluation.

The Baseline Nutritional Evaluation uses a urine sample to determine
the exact amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need, and
gives us the power to find the exact supplement for you.

This test is truly revolutionary. Never before has this technology
been available in Australia – let alone on a website – for the general
public. And, with our knowledgable reporting team, we will produce a
comprehensive and personalised nutritional strategy for you.

So, instead of wasting time running from practitioner to
practitioner, or wasting hundreds on medications that aren’t doing a
thing, invest in something that actually works.

Click here to read more about the Baseline Nutritional Evaluation.

All of The Spinal Centre staff have undergone this test, and it truly has changed
our lives for the better, and saved us from buying pointless natural
medicine. Take the guessing work out of your health – and choose a
scientific approach to better health.

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