The Diabesity Epidemic

At least two thirds of Australians adults have been unsuccessful at maintaining their weights within healthy ranges.

Obesity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, and it is estimated that more than 100 million Americans are currently diabetic, one third of whom do not realise they have the disease.

In Australia recent reports state that over 1000 people per day are being diagnosed with diabetes.

Because obesity and diabetes often go hand in hand, a new term has been coined to describe our current healthcare crisis: ‘The Diabesity Epidemic’.

There are many factors influencing obesity and diabetes rates. Sedentary lifestyles, ubiquitous junk food, the supersizing of meal portions, and ’emotional eating’ are just a few.

Australia’s diabesity problem is not about moral failure, laziness, or lack of effort. It’s about the wrong philosophical underpinnings. We have fallen for the idea that there is a quick fix for everything; especially weight loss. We look to fad diets, extreme athletics, diet pills, and surgical interventions as a miracle cure for all of our problems.

We must make a philosophical frame shift towards a rehabilitation model of weight control. Why rehab? Because rehabilitation involves a long-term commitment; an acknowledgment that the opportunity for weight regain will never go away.

Rehabilitation literally means ‘the restoration of lost capabilities’. It is a hopeful word, because it presumes that individuals have the capacity to improve, to walk farther, feel better, maintain a healthy weight, and add life to years.

Maintaining your optimum weight is hard. It takes a constant committment. You will need a network of support. From your health care professional, a training partner, to friends and family. Hopefully the practice forms part of this network providing you with the most up to date research backed information.

You need to identify the serious health risks that come from being overweight and keep these in your mind while you achieve your goals. Diabesity is the next epidemic. The costs associated with treating and managing the devestating results of diabesty will impact on our children forever.

Do something for yourself, do something for your kids. Turn the television off and kick the footy with them or take them on a bike ride. Change your habits and your habits will change your life.

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