Don’t Forget the Water

A Few Good Tips for Drinking the Right Amount of Water

Work out what is the appropriate amount of water you need to drink
each day. (This is usually between one to two litres per day.)

Fill a one litre container – preferably a stainless steel water container (to avoid the PBA’s) and carry that with you for the day. Take the
water bottle with you in the car, meetings, watching television or while
working at a desk. By taking regular small sips you will be surprised
at how much water you can easily consume.

By spreading the drinking during the day it will become less of a
chore and you will be able to keep track of exactly how much you have
drunk (rather than trying to remember how many glasses you drank at

By drinking regularly you will be constantly cleansing your system.
Regular water intake will flush your body of toxins and promote improved
health and well-being. Regular water intake improves kidney and liver
function allowing these organs to work more efficiently which is
important when recovering from illness or injury (a back problem), poor
diet, stress and pressure of a busy lifestyle.

When you drink regularly you will be less likely to consume
unnecessary coffee and “cola” soft drinks. Usually the body signals to
us we are thirsty. We interpret this to mean we “need a coffee, coke or
cup of tea”. We have the caffeine hit but it has a negative effect on
our water balance (caffeine removes water from our system – it is a
diuretic). So our body is still thirsty! Soon after we then feel we need
another coffee or coke drink!

By drinking water regularly you will also be less likely to become
hungry and snack on unnecessary foods. Regular water intake promotes a
feeling of “fullness” within the stomach. This is the easiest and
cheapest way to lose weight and body fat.