Meal Suggestions and Ideas

In this section I describe some healthier meal options and ideas.

Of course, if you have been following the nutritional themes on the website, you will note that I mention some meals with wheat or gluten.

As I have progressed in Practice, I am increasingly convinced of the damage that grains, and in particular gluten, has on our body.

It is highly inflammatory, in creates havoc with our blood sugar levels and damages our gastrointestinal system. I explore this more deeply and suggest appropriate fruther reading in the section: No Pain No Grains.

In essence, that to maintain optimal nutritional health, ¬†all patients so seek to eat like a ‘meat eating coeliac vegetarian’.


Top 10 Snack Choices

When you’ve got a busy day, chances are you don’t eat regular meals
and snacks. The result is often poor food choices – like high fat sugar
snacks and soft drinks from the vending machine.

Find out out top ten snack choices to put you back in charge of your diet.

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500kj Snacks Sure to Satisfy

Looking for a healthy, satisfying snack that you can actually taste?

This list of our top 500kj or under snacks are tasty, and easy to make – a bonus when you’re running short on time.

Combined with regular healthy meals and exercise, these snacks will help you to lose weight and feel great.

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