No Pain – No Grain

Are Grains Good For You?A Radical Wheat-Ectomy

It may come as quite a shock, but the ‘good healthy grains’ that you have been encouraged to eat are anything but good and healthy for you.

In this section of the site, I will explore of the issues with regard to the impact of grains on our diet and the massive problems they cause.

I would have to say that with out exaggeration, the removal of grains – and in particular wheat and gluten – is the single biggest modification you can make to improve your health and speed up your recovery.  Assuming you don’t do something galactically stupid like smoke, take drugs or drink soft drink.

As upsetting as this concept is – I want you to under go a ‘Radical Wheat-ectomy’.

It usually takes about 2 to 3 months to get your head around this proposition. Initially your stomach will think your throat has been cut. But – I assure you it is worth the effort. It does not matter whether you have been ‘diagnosed’ as a celiac or not – get off the wheat!

The worse your back pain, the more inflamed you are, the more reflux, the more stomach upsets or bowel troubles, or the more over weight you are – the more you should cut out your grains.

And cutting out the wheat or gluten does not mean eating ‘gluten free’ foods. Gluten free foods are just reinventing new ways of eating the same food we should not be eating. Messed with your head enough? Ok, Read on…

Dr. Hooper

Are Grains Driving Your Pain?

If you are suffering from joint or muscular pain and aches – It is likely that your diet is not going to be the first place you look for answers, but maybe it should be.


Rheumatic (musculoskeletal) conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia are all driven by chronic inflammation, a process that is largely induced and sustained by poor dietary habits and depleted nutrient status.

Of course, other factors can be involved, such as abnormal mechanical wear and tear on joints which we address in the practice.

However it is clear that what we put in our mouths significantly impacts what we feel throughout our bodies.

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