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Product Description

Bauerfeind EpiTrain® provides active support for targeted compression of the elbow. It may help treat epicondylopathies such as tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, as well as osteoarthritis, arthritis, post-traumatic and postoperative irritation, and tendomyopathy. Bauerfeind EpiTrain® features a new knitting concept: particularly stretchy, breathable, and moisture dissipating for effective compression in the elbow area. It is also anatomically knit for wearing comfort and secure positioning. The viscoelastic inserts with epicondyle cut-outs relieve pressure and facilitate secure positioning of the support. The risk of any circulation problems occurring is reduced by having reduced compression at the edges of the support. In 2007, the Train® active supports were awarded the iF product designaward for their materials and design. The breathable, skin-friendlyknitted fabric adapts to your every movement, without cutting into youor slipping. This is why the material is softer and more elastic at theedge of the bandage. In this way, EpiTrain® supports the healing andmobility of the elbow.   Mode of action:

  • Regulated compression alleviates pain and helps resolve spasms.
  • The insert redistributes compression away from the epicondyles to the surrounding soft tissues.
  • The profile insert provides intermittent compression for improved metabolism in the radial and ulnar areas.

Sizing Take measurements around the forearm, 12 cm from the elbow (refer to diagram).   Karin Ertl, Heptathlon Athlete and European Champion says: “We athletes often develop ‘tennis elbow’ from not throwing javelins in a manner that is technically clean. That’s why I wear EpiTrain while training and competing. It stimulates and stabilises the muscles around the joint such that I don’t run into any problems. It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t limit me in any away.”œ

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