Resolutions for a Healthy, Pain-Free Year

Start the new year right by committing to a healthier Chiropractic lifestyle.

A few simple and practical lifestyle changes can make a positive impact on your health and can also prevent you from experiencing a painful injury in the year ahead.


I am not a big fan of “new years resolutions”, but if we had to pick a top ten list for patient’s to consider – this would be it. So here goes:

Top 10 Resolutions

  1. I will limit my intake of coffee, soft drink and teas.

    The caffeine in these drinks can cause dehydration and can rob the body of essential nutrients. Stick to water, natural juices (although watch the sugar) and other decaffeinated beverages.

  2. I will avoid over medicating myself and my family.

    Most over-the-counter and prescription medications have dangerous side effects. At the practice we have highly effective natural medicines for most of the conditions that you may think would require a drug.Whenever possible, I would suggest using a natural medicine for reducing inflammation, clearing muscle spasm or improving heart function as opposed to risky drugs.Feel free to discuss alternative remedies with me or the practice team.Remember ; If you are waiting for pain you are waiting too long. Avoid the pain and get a regular correction.

  3. I will not carry a heavy purse or briefcase with it’s strap over my shoulder. 

    Wearing a shoulder strap over one shoulder unevenly places the weight of the bag on one side of the body, potentially causing shoulder and back pain.

  4. I will not allow my children to carry backpacks that weigh more than 10 percent of their body weight. 

    Beyond that weight, the backpack can cause the wearer to bend forward in an attempt to support the weight on his or her back, instead of the shoulders. Kids develop spinal problems from back packs that stay with them for the rest of their life.Remember kids grow into spinal problems – not out of them.

  5. I will not lift heavy objects over my head.

    These types of movements can strain muscles and affect nerves, causing severe neck, shoulder and arm problems.

  6. I will not turn my torso while lifting relatively heavy objects. 

    This rotates the spine and can bring on a “back attack.” One of the most common sources of severe aggravations to the lower back is caused by bending and twisting.Whether you have pain or you don’t – NEVER bend and twist your lower back. Stay neutral.

  7. I will avoid the habit of consistently crossing the same knee over the other.

    Continuous crossing of the legs in the same direction will cause a rotation of the pelvis and a functional short leg on one side. Pelvic imbalance, pelvic rotation and having one leg shorter than the other is the cause of many lower back and spinal problems. It is easily avoided and could save you a lot of grief.

  8. I will try to keep moving while I’m at work. 

    If you are sedentary for the majority of the work day, it is very important to take periodic stretch breaks. Get up from the desk and take a brief walk, and stretch your arms and legs as frequently as possible to avoid postural and spinal stress. Frequent rotation of duties is one of the most important behavioural modifications you can make!

  9. I will not be a Weekend Super Hero. 

    Moving 10 metres of mulch may be good for the garden but it is not brilliant for your spine – particularly if you are not performing manual work all the time. Also, 16 hours of water skiing on the weekend after sitting at an office desk during the week is not good for spinal health.Pace yourself. Frequently rotate all your gardening duties and activities. Work smarter not harder. Don’t get carried away. You can always do some more next weekend.

  10. I will get a regular Chiropractic Correction.

    Your spine is the most important organ you possess. Indeed we live our lives through our nervous system. For as little as $1.38 per day you can maintain the health of your spine. Chiropractic is the secret to your pain free lifestyle.


The New Year is a perfect time to create some positive habits that can change your life. But promising to change is a lot easier than actually doing it. If one of your resolutions is to get fit and lose weight, and this year you don’t want to break the promise to yourself, then here are some handy hints for your consideration:

  • Stop thinking of exercise as a punishment. It is an excellent change for you to relieve stress and take some time out from the hectic pace of daily life.
  • Start small. Walk for half an hour three times a week. Once you have settled into a routine of walking whenever its possible, your fitness will improve and you will be able to take on more exercise. You may even start liking it.
  • Choose a physical activity you enjoy. If you don’t like getting hot and sweaty, try swimming or aqua aerobic classes. If you have some scenic walks near your home or work area, put your walking shoes on and enjoy the view.
  • Find an exercise partner. Motivation is the key to a successful fitness routine, and
    being responsible to another person is a great motivator.
  • Consider your exercise as you would an appointment. Include your workouts in your diary, and treat them as importantly as you would any other kind of appointment.
  • Set achievable goals for your fitness. Include improvements in your diet within these goals, such as cutting down on sweets or deep fried food. Write down these goals and review them every month to check on your progress.
  • Reward yourself for achieving goals. Make the reward non-food related so you won’t be tempted to ruin your improved diet. Get a massage, buy something for yourself, or take
    yourself out to a movie.
  • Realise this is a lifetime commitment. Fitness is not something that can be gained then stored away. Once you stop exercising you will lose your fitness. If you get bored with one activity change your exercise, but don’t stop altogether. Once you start it only gets easier.

Make these small changes, and reap the benefits. Enjoy a happy and healthy New Year!


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