The Spinal Centre – New Clinic Hours 

Spinal Centre New Hours (Updated)

New Consulting Hours for Dr. Hooper and the Team @ Montrose

The Spinal Centre Rehabilitation Team is growing to better serve the needs of You and your family.

The Montrose Spinal Centre is open 5 days per week. You now have 8 sessions available to receive your spinal corrections from Dr. Hooper or Dr. Ruby.

Dr. Hooper works late on three nights (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) complemented by Dr. Ruby on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Graham, the Podiatrist and Avon the Exercises Physioloigst, are available on Wednesdays for personal consultation.

All patients have plenty of opportunity to receive care. If you cannot come in one day, then reschedule to another more convenient time to stay on track with your recovery.


The Hawthorn Spinal Centre Expanded Hours

For Hawthorn, we have significantly expanded the hours of service with increased availability for Corrective Care and Naturopathy.

The Hawthorn Spinal Centre is now open 6 days a week with many early morning starts Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Dr. Ruby is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings. Dr. Hooper available on Wednesday evenings.

Nadia, in her role as Naturopath is always available for nutritional advice on shift with Dr. Hooper, but consults privately on Monday afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday.


We are Growing to Serve You Better

As our team of practitioners continues to grow, we have altered the balance of the clinics to provide you with the best care possible.

Consulting times for practitioners may vary from what you have become accustomed, so check the new hours.

As always the friendly Reception Team can assist you to implement your treatment plan. Reception is available all day, every day during the working week from 8.00 am, and on Saturday mornings.

Be sure to secure the times that best suit your busy schedule.


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