Heart Disease

Monday, September 16th, 2019

Is There a Role For Whole Body Vibration in Protecting Cardiovascular Disease?

Whole Body Vibration and Heart Disease

Whole Body Vibration (WBV)  is an exercise platform used within the Practice for many years. Interesting new studies are always emerging about the impact WBV may have on a range of conditions – including Sports and Spinal Rehabilitation.

In a recent article published by SciELO The Scientific Electronic Library Online, a collection of Brazilian scientific journals, looked at the effect of WBV and Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke Rehabilitation and Mobility.

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Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
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Introducing The Musculoskeletal Profile

Many patients really struggle with neck pain, back pain, headaches, arthritis, stress and chronic pains.

And of those patients, it is bewildering that many have years of treatment with varying practitioners, spending thousands of dollars – and NEVER having these key nutrients tested.

It is highly unlikely you will ever achieve a great outcome in the care if these key values are not right.

Now optimal is the key here.

Near enough is not good enough.

If you are paying north of $60 a visit to a therapist or practitioner you need to have the key nutrients at the optimal level to get the best out of your care. You need to get this right.

If you are using natural medicines or health supplements you need to know if they are working and you are taking the correct amount.

Further more being in a ‘normal’ range is quite different than being in an optimal range to encourage the body to heal.

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Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Launching the new Cardiovascular Profile

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Cardiovascular Profile.

We have put together a number of blood and genetic tests that we consider are essential for the management and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The results of theses test yield important numbers.

Numbers you need to be aware of so that you can modify your diet and lifestyle with some sense of purpose and baseline.

I would recommend this test at least once a year as a good way of managing or even preventing cardiovascular disease.

Particularly if you have a family history of heart attack or stroke. Or you have a number or risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as being insulin resistant, over weight, diabetic etc.


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Monday, May 6th, 2013

Interesting new Krill product from BioCeuticals

BioCeuticals has launched two new Antarctic krill oil formulas that look rather good and are quite well priced.

What is also good, is that on initial investigations the way they are sourcing the product appears ecologically sound!

Sourced from Aker BioMarine, which meets environmental sustainability standards set by the WWF.

Importantly, it is not a farmed fish.

Krill oil contains a high quantity of omega-3 fatty acids bound to phospholipids. Research shows krill oil produces similar effects to fish oil but with only 63% of the EPA / DHA content of fish oil, suggesting greater absorption.


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