Sports Chiropractic

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Congratulations To Ilja

It is not just about the pain you are in; it is the impact it has on your life.

One of our fantastic patients, Ilja placed first in a recent golf tournament. Braving some terrible conditions he won first place in +3 par competition. Still a fair bit of work to do but happy with how he played.

The smiling chap above is a long way from the severely stressed patient that first attended the Practice with chronic neck pain and disability.

It is not just about the pain you are in; it is the impact it has on your life. You become the limitations of your injury as opposed to living a life you want to live.

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Dr. Franco Columbu – Chiropractor Vale

Dr. Franco Columbu – Chiropractor, Mr. Olympia, Powerlifter

It is with great sadness we heard the news that Dr. Franco Columbu passed away.

If you followed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, read the bios, watched Pumping Iron or a few Terminator films – you would know Franco. Franco was a helluva lot of bloke packed in a small body.

Two time Mr. Olympia, Italian Boxing champion, European Powerlifting champion, one of the World’s Strongest Men, Actor, Author and Arnold’s Chiropractor.

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Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Australian Mens VIII – 6th Place @ World Championships

Australian Rowing Mens VIII – Sixth @ World U23 Rowing Championships

According To Rowing Australia:

The U23 Men’s Eight were drawn in Lane 1 in their A-Final, racing against Netherlands, USA, Great Britain, Romania and Germany. The crew of Elliot Apel, Mitchell Hooper, Alexander Wolf, Harry Crouch, Jack Robertson, George Finlayson, Jackson Kench, Angus Morrison and coxswain Alannah Gilsmore would no doubt have been buoyed overnight by Hooper’s victory in the U23 Men’s Coxed Four final.

The Australians came out of the start rating 47, and the crew coached by John Bowes, were in fifth, while Great Britain took the early lead. As the race progressed, the Australians couldn’t manage to catch race leaders, and eventual winners, Great Britain, with the Australians crossing the line in sixth place.

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Monday, July 29th, 2019

Congratulations to The Australian Mens 4 – World Champions

The Australia’s Men’s Coxed Four are the new U23 World Rowing Champions 2019.

It is with great pleasure we announce patients of the Practice, Mitchell Hooper and pair partner Ben Canham became World Rowing Champions in Sarasota Florida.

According to Rowing Australia:

In calm conditions, the U23 Men’s Coxed Four of Ben Canham, Angus Dawson, Mitchell Hooper, Adam Bakker and Caitlin Hockings were crowned World Champions after leading their final from start to finish. The crew, coached by Nick Mitchell, won their heat earlier in the week and Hockings led her crew out firing in the final today in Florida.

The crew clocked a time of 6 minutes 10 seconds to claim victory, having to hold off a last minute sprint to the line from Great Britain, who took silver, and Italy who took bronze. There was only 0.09 of a second between the Australians and the British as the boats crossed the line, while the Italians were just 0.63 of a second behind the Australians.

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Monday, June 17th, 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Everyone needs a chiropractor and chiropractic must be seen as required, not an alternative.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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