Integrative Medicine Testing

1200.full.newspinallogoThe Spinal Centre has partnered with a number of leading medical diagnostics companies in Australia and around the world to create a new division called The Spinal Centre Integrative Medicine – a true eClinic.

The Integrative Medicine testing provides a range of general, functional and complementary medicine pathology assessments.

The Spinal Centre also provides specialised reference testing often used by elite athletes or high end medical facilities.

The purpose of this is to provide the most up to date recommendations in the field of nutritional and natural medicine, written in a manner that you can understand and most importantly apply.

We will match pathology test outcomes with nutritional strategies and natural medicine that make sense and in a manner that you can really use. No more guessing.

The Spinal Centre Integrative Medicine is about empowerment.

By performing highly scientific pathology testing, analysing the results and providing comprehensive easy to understand reporting, we will assist you in taking control of your health.

Imagine finally knowing what to eat, what to do and what to take in the management of your specific condition or pursuit of better health?


Vitality & Healthy Ageing – VLA

How do I achieve Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing?

The Spinal Centre Health Care Professionals at Hawthorn have received extensive training in maximising healthy ageing and improving vitality, making them ideally suited to help you achieve your goals.

The Practice Team; and in particular The Integrative Naturopaths use a scientifically validated test known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), which assists them to design a program specifically for your needs.

Nutritional supplements, exercise recommendations and dietary advice will be provided, giving your body the building blocks for maximum health and energy.

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Baseline Nutritional Evaluation

The Spinal Centre Baseline Nutritional Evaluation is a Urinary Organic Acids Test involving a comprehensive Metabolic Analysis Profile.

It is the best place to start for a personalised assessment of your functional nutrient needs. It answers the question – “Is your diet working?”

This is a great way to assess if you have nutritional deficiencies that may be damaging your health or contributing to chronic inflammation, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders and arthritis.

If you have sub-optimal health, you are an athlete or you want to improve your level of well-being then this is a good place to start.

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IgG Food Allergy Testing

How would you like to know – once and for all – what you can eat, and what you can’t?

We all eat a variety of foods each day, but it is very hard to work out which ones are doing us good, and which ones aren’t. Sometimes some of the foods we eat can literally kill us. Peanut allergies are an example.

The majority of adverse reactions to food, however, are not life threatening but life altering. Adverse reactions to different foods can be a source of considerable discomfort in many chronic conditions and diseases.

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Female Hormone Profile

The Female Hormone Profile monitors changes in hormone status over the course or part of the menstrual cycle, by measuring the sex hormones.

Saliva specimens are collected on specified days of the month, according to the nature of the investigation, e.g. a full cycle profile for a pre-menopausal woman or the luteal phase only in premenopausal or peri-menopausal women.

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Baseline Hormone Profile

The Baseline Hormone Profile provides valuable information on an individual’s hormonal status and the potential impact this may have on physical and emotional health. Hormonal imbalance may result in a symptom picture which includes weight gain, mood swings, night sweats, disturbed sleep pattern, loss of libido and hot flushes.

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Red Cell Magnesium Level

Do you take a magnesium supplement?

How do you know if you are taking the right one, or if you need to take one at all?

The Spinal Centre Magnesium Test will provide you with the answer you’re looking for.

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Essential Fatty Acid Test

EFAs are required for growth, reproduction, skin and hair condition and wound healing. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) also lower plasma triglyceride levels and play a structural role in the brain and retina.

EFAs provide the substrate for eicosanoids (prostaglandins) which play a vital role in the regulation of inflammatory conditions.

Omega-3 fatty acids are commonly deficient in the diet and may play a significant role in maternal health and neurological function in infants.

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