Urinary Amino Acid Test

Significant progress in amino acid research has revealed a definitive link between amino acid imbalance and related symptomatology.

This provides information on protein and nutrient cofactor adequacy, enzyme functionality,  predisposition to various degenerative disorders, wasting syndromes, gastrointestinal dysfunction, neurological disorders, and impairments in detoxification, inborn errors of metabolism and a wide variety of clinical conditions.

In the Urinary Amino Acids test more than 40 analytes are measured, providing valuable information on metabolic and nutritional imbalances.

Using a first morning urine specimen, the test can identify current amino acid status and any existing imbalances. Results can be utilised in the design of specific replacement therapy, aimed at restoring balance where necessary.

Due to renal conservation of amino acids; urine levels typically drop before plasma levels. Urine is also not subject to the circadian rhythm variation in amino acids that is present in blood, and excesses or deficiencies over a period of time can be more easily assessed. For these reasons, a Urinary Amino Acids test is more likely to reveal marginal deficiencies.

Plasma amino acids analysis may be preferred if collecting urine is complicated. Other possible reasons for selecting plasma analysis include severe malnutrition, anorexia, haematuria conditions (including menstruation) and rheumatoid arthritis, where the common pattern of low histidine only shows in a plasma sample.

Amino Acids Tested:

  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • Intermediary Metabolites and Diagnostic Markers
  • Dietary Peptide Related Markers


How is the Test Done?

Purchase test as you would any other product on The Spinal Centre by adding it to your shopping cart.

Once the transaction is completed The Spinal Centre will a urinary collection bottle and instructions.

Using the appropriate envelope you send the specimen to our pathology centre.

Analysis of your sample is performed, raw test data is sent to The Spinal Centre and further evaluated along with your clinical profile.

An individual, comprehensive and in depth report is generated based on your case history outlining your test results and how to implement the changes to improve your health.

The Spinal Centre will of course provide continuing online support to help you implement your specific plan.


More Information

For very comprehensive Information about all aspects of this test use the following link.

Amino Acids Urine.pdf


For a sample ‘raw data’ report use the following link.

Amino Acids Urine SR.pdf