Bio Impedance Analysis – BIA

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis – A Unique Health Assessment at The Spinal Centre

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VLA uses a scientifically validated test known as Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (BIA).

The test is completed in a matter of minutes and is painless. This is done by attaching electrodes to your feet and hands that connect to the VLA machine. This assessment measures a bio-impedance current by sending a painless electrical charge between the electrodes. The process is completed within seconds and you don’t feel a thing!

The results of the VLA give the best indicator of how well your cells are functioning, your overall vitality and wellness, and is a great starting block to getting your whole health and wellness back on track.

This also provides your practitioner with insight into aspects of your health such as how much fat you have in your body. VLA can also help your practitioner to monitor your cellular health, in particular your fluid distribution.

This Cellular Health Analysis using bio-impedance technology is a quick and sophisticated assessment measuring the health of your cells, including how well you are ageing (your “biological age”), total fat and muscle mass, your toxicity levels, cellular hydration and more. This assessment lets you know what is going on . . . on the “inside”!

Benefits for you:

  • Specific measure for tracking weight and fat loss
  • Analyse specific requirements for detoxification
  • Assist with recovery from injury
  • Provide insight into the origin of your muscle pain
  • Management of the chronic diseases associated with ageing
  • Assist in improving energy levels
  • Assist in improving health and vitality


How does VLA Bio Impedance differ from Bio Impedance scales?

VLA is a far more accurate way to measure body fat, muscle and fluid levels than bioimpedance scales you stand on or hold.

Scales or hand held body fat monitors do not send the current evenly throughout the entire body, with usually the upper part of the body not measured when using scales and vice versa with hand held devices.

However, with VLA Bioimpedance, you lie flat on a treatment table to stabilise fluid levels and the current is run through your upper and lower body via the foot and hand. This is far superior technology for accurate measurement of fat, muscle and the key biomarkers of ageing.


What are Other Methods for Measuring Body Composition?

There are several other methods that are used to determine body composition or fluid balance, howevermost of these are impractical, inaccessible and too expensive for use in clinic.

These methods include;

  • Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), a method originally developed to measure bone mineral density involving X-ray beams – costly, not portable and involves radiation
  • Hydrodensitometry – underwater weighing widely accepted as the ‘gold standard’ for calculating body composition – not portable and uncomfortable for the patient
  • Isotope Dilution – involves the patient having to take a tracer compound and blood, respiratory fluid or urine samples being analysed afterward – not typically available in clinical practice
  • Total Body Potassium – a specialised whole body machine is required – impractical and expensive

The VLA Quadscan has been compared with DEXA and hydrodensitometry and the results between these methods have shown to be closely correlated.