The Money Back Guarantee

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Your Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We are very confident in what we do. So confident, in fact, we are prepared to give a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

That’s right. No Questions Asked.

What are the Details?

Now obviously we cannot ‘cure’ everyone. In fact AHPRA and the registration boards dislike any talk about curing patients. But what we can do is provide a Satisfaction Guarantee.

That is, if after 6 visits you are not happy with your decision to consult with us, or the care we have provided – We will give you your money back!

Now this does not include reimbursement for a free consultation, scan or products taken. But it does include the cost of your care and our consulting fees.

Beyond the 6 sessions, we figure that you should know what you are doing and be participating in your recovery. If you start with us and then decide that you don’t think it is for you. That’s fine.

We would rather part on great terms than have ANY patient feel they have not had every opportunity to get a great result.

You Have Nothing to Loose and Everything to Gain

In reality, you cannot loose. The information we provide, the insights to your complaint, the unique type of care, the detail to attention, the specialised tips for spinal problems, the smart rehab and the specific exercise will always help.

Combine this with nifty braces and supports if required, and finally access to the finest natural medicines in Australia we believe that you will be hard pressed not to get better, or at least see some improvement in your health.

So what are you waiting for?