Theragun – Percussion Gun

Theragun and Corrective Chiropractic. Be Better. Be Pain Free.

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Theragun and Chiropractic. Perfectly Matched Together for Outstanding Results.

With 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body, no two of us are alike, yet we still suffer from the similar aches and pain that negatively impact our lives. Let us show you how this natural therapy can give you pain relief without pills. Be pain free and see how Theragun can enhance your Chiropractic Care @ The Spinal Centre.

Using advanced percussive frequency modulation therapy (yeah, that’s a thing) the TheraGun PRO™ goes to work on persistent muscle & joint pain – bringing long lasting comfort and much needed relief, so you can get back into your life – and get out of the pain.

Imagine never having to pop another pill for pain again! Pain typically manifests as one specific frequency, and the brain has a hierarchy of frequencies that is processed in a very particular sequence.

Introduce a mind-blowing proprietary frequency to interject that hierarchy and boom, the pain is hijacked – the brain is instead processing the soothing stimulus of targeted vibration – and you’re in eternal bliss. Sounds a bit much? Not if you’ve had chronic pain.

Theragun’s calibrated 35-40 Hertz frequency is higher than most persisting pain but not too high that the brian would cease to process it altogether. It is a great balance of frequency and amplitude that overrides most other stimuli, allowing for effective relief and increased motion to aid the healing process.


The Spinal Centre Comment

We are thrilled to assist our patients achieve optimal results combining Corrective Chiropractic and the percussive technologies of Theragun.

With Theragun We get Fantastic Results. For many Patients, they are Immediate!

We get unbelievable results with the Theragun. We include the percussive technologies of Theragun or Hypervolt for patients in the Corrective Chiropractic or CBP Protocols.

While it may be a little loud, patients get instant and long term relief from the guns. Patients claim they feel immediate relief from chronic pain and discomfort – we they have no relief before. It is amazing.

Theragun is a great way to prepare you for spinal correction. There is no doubt, that you will adjust better using Theragun.

If Your Chiro or Physio is not using Theragun – You might be Missing Out on getting the Best Results.

In conjunction with Corrective Care, Theragun has been shown to relieve muscle fatigue, tightness, soreness, knots, spasms, stiffness, as well as symptoms caused by disc herniations, prolapse, nerve damage, atrophy, arthritis, stroke, multiple sclerosis and a range of other ailments.

Patients feel instant pain relief, their muscles are more relaxed and free, and movement comes with more ease. Patients from a range of differing ages and backgrounds including, athletes, desk job workers, and those suffering from life long injuries all see  undeniable difference in their overall level of pain and recovery.

TheragunAthletes Love Theragun

One the the sub groups within the Clinic who really resonate strongly with Theragun, are Athletes.

To say that Athletes Love the Theragun is a major understatement.

Instead of spending hours getting muscles worked on, legs stripped and induration removed – usually associated with heaps of pain – the Theragun clears myofascial pain syndromes in a few minutes.

Finally DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) can be a thing of the past. Trained legs – no problems. Heavy squats and deadlifts – Easy! The Theragun works a treat. Theragun clears the muscle induration, promotes blood flow, clears lactic acid and enhances recovery.

It is so good we actually can’t work out why everyone doesn’t use it!

Athletes; from beginner to elite, who want perform better, decrease muscle soreness, and compete at a higher levels will find the Theragun their “go to” tool for enhanced recovery.

And of course; we have the the expertise to use it correctly for you individual condition @ The Spinal Centre.

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What have you got to loose? Except your pain.