Thoracic Spine Rehab Seminar

Thoracic Spine Rehabilitation Seminar Sydney

Dr. Hooper will be attending a Thoracic Spine Rehabilitation Seminar in Sydney this weekend. This seminar is focused on Chiropractic BioPhysics Rehabilitation and Case Management of the Thorax (mid back).

Therefore, due to the seminar obligations the Practices will be closed on Friday December 2nd until Monday evening December 5th. Normal hours for both Practices will resume on Tuesday December 6th, 2016.

This Rehab Seminar will cover the most update research and latest developments in the treatment and management the thoracic spine, postural correction and arthritic prevention.

The course outline is;


Structural Rehabilitation of the Thoracic Spine & CBP Case Management & CBP Australian Annual

This course provides an integrated education for the Doctor of Chiropractic in the Art and Science of chiropractic with an emphasis on postural and spinal distortions of the thoracic spine. Normal values for the sagittal plane of the thoracic kyphosis will be detailed from the literature and age related changes of the thoracic spine are reviewed.

The relationship of the thoracic spine to the lumbar and cervical regions will be discussed. A major emphasis is placed on understanding the role of thoracic spine disorders and subluxations to patient health and disease conditions.

Examination and documentation procedures will be reviewed mainly for thoracic vertebral subluxation complexes but lumbar and cervical subluxation complexes will be reviewed too.

Chiropractic adjustive and rehabilitative treatment techniques for thoracic, lumbar, and cervical subluxations will be detailed. A survey of research material will be reviewed supporting the utilization and efficacy of Chiropractic Biophysics technique treatment methods across a spectrum of patient conditions.

2016 Spine Research Update: Spinal Displacements and Deformities in Systemic Health and Disease: The most impactful research investigations for CBP Clinicians

  The Cervical spine in health disease: new research the clinician must be aware of.
  The Thoracic spine in health disease: new research the clinician must be aware of.
  The Lumbar-Pelvic spine in health disease: new research the clinician must be aware of.
  Full spine posture disorders pain, disability, and health outcomes.


CBP Technique & CBP Non-Profit Research Updates: New Research and Trials

  CBP Research: Past, Present, & Future: Current trials and research investigations;
  Randomized Trials for Lumbo-Sacral Radiculopathy
  Randomized Trial for Cervico-genic dizziness
  Randomized trials for managing cervical radioculopathy and chronic neck pains
  Randomized trial for Cervico-genic Headache
  Randomized trial for Cervical Disc Herniation


CBP® Australian Case Studies

  CBP Peer-reviewed case studies: A Literature review of cases to date.
  CBP Technique procedures for cervical spine displacements and health impairments,
  CBP Technique procedures for lumbar spine displacements and health impairments,
  CBP Technique procedures for thoracic spine displacements and health impairments,
  CBP Technique procedures for full spine displacements and health impairments,
  Mirror Image adjusting procedures,


Thoracic Spine Biomechanics, Subluxation Patterns, & Health Disorders

  Review of thoracic kyphosis normative data for pediatrics, adults, and geriatrics,
  Review of the Harrison sagittal plane spinal thoracic model,
  Biomechanics of thoracic posture displacements,
  Altered thoracic kyphosis and postural displacements and health consequences,
  Home Care and in office rehabilitation methods for improving the thoracic kyphosis,
  CBP Mirror Image Training workshop.


Thoracic Spine and Posture Subluxations and CBP Structural Rehabilitation Techniques with Case Study Examples

  Case Study: Thoracic Hypo-Kyphosis types, analysis and CBP treatment;
  Case Study: Postural Hyper-Kyphosis analysis and CBP treatment;
  Case Study: Scheueremanns Kyphosis analysis and CBP treatment; Thoracic Spine and Posture Subluxations: Thoracic Kyphosis Types
  Thoracic Kyphosis and its relationship to lumbar & cervical curve correction,
  Thoracic straight spine syndrome due to congenital narrowing of the chest diameter.

CBP Mirror Image Methods for Rehabilitation of the Thoracic spine

  Mirror image adjusting for the thoracic spine,
  Mirror image exercises for the thoracic spine,
  Mirror image standing and supine traction for the thoracic spine,
  Mirror image home orthotics for the thoracic spine.


Dynamic Methods of Postural and Structural Spinal/Pelvic Correction

The Benefits of Short Duration Whole Body Vibration at resonant frequency with low amplitude;
Case Study Presentation: Rehabilitation of thoracic postural translation in an elderly female with chronic back and pelvic pain using WBV at resonant frequencies with low amplitude;
Case Study Presentation: Rehabilitation of an adult with chronic impairments and abnormal forward head posture resulting from a rear-end motor vehicle collision;
Case Study Presentation: Rehabilitation of a young adult male athlete with anterior


Management of Complex Spine and Posture Deformities Using CBP Technique:

Full Spine Posture and Spine Subluxations: Where to start CBP treatment and why?
Case Study: Thoracic Scoliosis and CBP Treatment.
Case Study: Lumbar Scoliosis and CBP Treatment.
Indications and contraindications for the use of home orthotics: Denneroll, thoracic posture and chronic low back pain.


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