Bauerfeind ManuLoc


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Product Description

Bauerfeind ManuLoc is a stabilizing support for immobilization of the wrist. It may be used to relieve acute or chronic irritation of the wrist, nerve irritations in the wrist (minor form of carpal-tunnel syndrome), partial paralysis, contusions, distortions, Kienbock’s disease, “mouse hand”, or for post-traumatic / postoperative immobilization. The anatomically shaped, metacarpal bar stabilizes the wrist in the desired position. The construction of the metacarpal bar provides a functional gripping movement and thus preserves mobility. ManuLocĀ® keeps the wrist still while allowinggripping movements and unneccesary stress is avoided. The breathable, moisture-dissipating materials and quality workmanship (no seams) of ManuLocĀ® ensure maximum comfort. Large velcro fastenings facilitate fitting and removal of the stabilizing support.   Mode of action:

  • The integrated aluminum bars are anatomically formed and secure the wrist.
  • The orthosis prevents incorrect positioning of the distal and proximal parts of the wrist.
  • Sidebars limit radial and ulnar movement.

Sizing Take measurements around the wrist (refer to diagram). Free Delivery!

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