How We Communicate With You

CommunicationsThe Spinal Centre Communications Policy

All communications you receive from us you have initiated when you registered as a Spinal Centre Patient or Spinal Centre Member.

We do not spam or send unsolicited emails.

You can modify how we communicate with you in the ‘My Dashboard‘ feature at the top right of your screen.

Our communications to you will usually fall into 4 distinct areas:

  • eNews – our highly popular Newsletter that is sent to all Patients and Members each month
  • eSpecials – our specials and promotions email that is sent to members who want the best deals on discounted products
  • Spinal Centre Sales and Support – important information regarding testing, treatment or product information and general enquires
  • The Reception Team – important information regarding appointments and your personal care.


eNews – Our Health Newsletter

This is a News service from The Spinal containing important information to challenge you and get you thinking about your health.

You will automatically receive this free service when you sign up as a Spinal Centre member or attend the Practice and become a Spinal Centre patient.

We encourage you to share this knowledge with others – you may just change someones life for the better.

Articles are based on the opinions of the respective author and copyright is retained by The Spinal Centre. The information in the newsletter and on the website is of a general nature. For further clarification please view our disclaimer.

You should not act on the basis of any information without obtaining and considering appropriate professional advice on your own circumstances.

The Spinal Centre encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with our Health Care Professionals. Professional advice is available within the Clinics and through eConsultation with the Spinal Centre Practice Team.


Our eSpecials email is for those that opt in for Marketing Information. It contains all the latest and greatest specials we have on The Spinal Centre.

Many of the products or special offers are limited so it is ‘first in best dressed’.

We often have Facebook only specials and giveaways. We encourage you to ‘Like’ our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on these limited time offers.

So if you are looking for the best deals the eSpecials newsletter is for you.

The Spinal Centre Sales and Support

The Spinal Centre is run by health care professionals. All product support will be sent through Sales and Support.