asthma kidAustralia and New Zealand rank second and third in the world after the UK in the in the frequency of asthma.

Asthma often requires medical management, but unfortunately it seems to be treated in an incredibly simplistic way.

Asthma is not a ventolin or serotide shortage. So why is it treated that way?

We need to look at what is driving the inability breathe.

Is it environmental or something internal. Is it something we are injecting or a substance we are eating?



Sausages with cordial a recipe for asthma

I was at a kids party recently when I saw the parents pumping their child up on ventolin, prior to eating, because ‘he gets so excited at these things – and we don’t want him to have an attack’.

As parents we must ask ourselves – is a snag and some artificially flavoured water worth an asthma attack in your child?

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