Prescription Drug Side Effects

There are occasions when prescription medication are required, however things are getting out of hand.

Rarely a day goes by when I am required to assist a patient that has at least some of their symptoms are actually CAUSED BY their prescribed drug medicaiton.

Indeed some patients are killed or significantly injured by their prescription medication. And it could easily happen to you!

Be careful what you take. Each drug medication has a side effect – many are hidden. But they invariably effect the kidney, liver and other organs.

Some are highly addictive without you knowing it, while others have very little therapeutic value, being peddled by well meaning doctors bought off by multi-national drug company glossy marketing.

It is now ‘normal’ for my elderly patients to be on up to a dozen different drug medications. Having interacting and compounding effects that we may never know, being sold under the banner of ‘good health’.

What are we doing?



How The Big Players Sell Drugs and Influence People

This very disconcerting story was taken from The Age in February 2007. I believe it is a MUST READ not only for all patients of the practice, but for the many millions of Australians who continue to take a “pill for every ill”.

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Vioxx (Anti-inflammatory Drug) Causes Heart Attacks & Strokes

Pharmaceutical giant Merch, announced in Spetember 2004, the withdrawal of Rofecoxib, more commonily known as Vioxx from the worldwide market. Their reasons were due to safety concerns of increased risk of heart attack for those using the drug. Vioxx is a cyclo-oxygenase 2-selective, nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory dug (otherwise know as a ‘NSAID’s”) that was approved by […]

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What Can We Learn From Michael Jackson’s Death?

It is a sad time in our history when it comes as no surprise for another celebrity to die of a drug overdose. The difference this time? The overdose was caused by a legal over-the-counter drug that is readily available.

Michael Jackson’s untimely death has raised many questions about the safety of these so called ‘safe’ painkillers. The potent drug that was injected into Jackson is a habit-forming painkiller with potentially fatal side effects – and it’s available to everyone right now, no questions asked.

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Yet another Death from Stilnox?

Security footage shows 30-year-old Mairead  Costigan walking groggily across the cycle path and climbing onto a ledge before she fell.

Her family believes it was another tragedy involving the controversial sleeping pill Stilnox.

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