Congratulations to The Australian Mens 4 – World Champions

The Australia’s Men’s Coxed Four Crowned World Champions in Sarasota

190726 Mens 4 Podium 1


The Australia’s Men’s Coxed Four are the new U23 World Rowing Champions 2019.

It is with great pleasure we announce patients of the Practice, Mitchell Hooper and pair partner Ben Canham became World Rowing Champions in Sarasota Florida.

According to Rowing Australia:

In calm conditions, the U23 Men’s Coxed Four of Ben Canham, Angus Dawson, Mitchell Hooper, Adam Bakker and Caitlin Hockings were crowned World Champions after leading their final from start to finish. The crew, coached by Nick Mitchell, won their heat earlier in the week and Hockings led her crew out firing in the final today in Florida.

The crew clocked a time of 6 minutes 10 seconds to claim victory, having to hold off a last minute sprint to the line from Great Britain, who took silver, and Italy who took bronze. There was only 0.09 of a second between the Australians and the British as the boats crossed the line, while the Italians were just 0.63 of a second behind the Australians.

All but one of the crew were on debut for Australia, with Adam Bakker the only member of the crew to have represented Australia on a world stage, at both Juniors and Under 23s.

Post-race, Queensland-born Bakker, who is an U23 World Champion in the Men’s Four from 2017, said, “We went in feeling confident after our performance in the heats. We executed our race plan well and held off the other crews.

“I thought that the British had gotten us in the end, but no, we’d take the gold which is awesome. Some of us will be ageing out of U23s next year, so we’ll be aiming for selection into the senior team.”

While Bakker, Canham, Dawson and Hockings can celebrate today’s victory, Hooper will be preparing for the U23 Men’s Eight A-Final, with the young Australian doubling up and racing both events in Sarasota.


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190727 Mens 4 Finish Line


190726 Mens 4 Podium


The Spinal Centre Comment

Still choked up.

Incredible effort by all the Australian Team to compete against very well prepared and experienced Internationals from the top rowing countries around the world.


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