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Family Traction Day @ The Spinal Centre

Spinal Rehabilitation

With the increase use of mobile technology it is more important than ever to have your children checked to ensure their spine is growing with normal alignment. 

Hours spent in front of a screen, heads bent forward, shoulder hunched with anterior head carriage can reverse the lordotic curve within the neck. Loss of the normal cervical (neck) curve can create a lot of strain on the neck and shoulders – even generating headaches.

Loss of cervical curve is easily reversed with mirror image correction and simple traction protocols.

It is so easy – the whole family can do it. Under the watchful eye of our rehab team members.

 Are You Forgetting Someone?

Have you been forgetting the little ones when you have been coming in to your appointments?

Saturday is family day at the clinic. We have many families that use Saturdays to have the kids checked and corrected when clinically indicated.

It is a bit of good fun for the kids. They will become more Spine aware. They will also learn great tips, tricks and exercises to strengthen core and stand correctly.

Why shouldn’t they avoid the problems you’ve been suffering with for the last 10 years.



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