Demonstration of Central Conduction Time and Neuroplastic changes after Cervical Lordosis Rehabilitation in Asymptomatic Subjects

PRESENTED: Proceedings of the 14th biennial congress of the World Federation of Chiropractic, March 15-18, 2017. Pub Med:

AUTHORS: Moustafa IM, Diab AAM, Taha S, Harrison DE.

TITLE: Demonstration of central conduction time and neuroplastic changes after cervical lordosis rehabilitation in asymptomatic subjects: A randomised, placebo-controlled trial.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate effects of cervical lordosis (CL) and anterior head translation (AHT) correction on central conduction time.

METHODS: Eighty (32 female) asymptomatic subjects with hypolordosis and AHT were randomized. Experimental group received the cervical denneroll and control group received a placebo (supine on a pillow). Interventions were applied 3 times per week for 10 weeks.

Measures included AHT distance, CL, central somatosensory conduction time (N13-N20), amplitudes of spinal N13, brainstem P14, parietal N20 and P27, and frontal N30 potentials. Measures were assessed at baseline, 10 weeks, and 3 month follow up.

RESULTS: Differences between experimental and control groups were identified N13-N20 (P=0.04) and all other variables (P<.001). Negative correlation between CL change was found: amplitudes of spinal N13 (r=-.6 p<.001), brainstem P14 (r=-.5 p<.001), parietal N20 (r=-.4 P=.03), P27 (r=-.5.1 P<.001), frontal N30 potentials (r=-.6.2 P<.001), and N13-N20 (r=-.2 P=.04). Positive correlations were found between AHT and: N13 (r=.3 P=.005), brainstem P14 (r=.4.3 P<.006), parietal N20 (r=0.52 P<.001), P27 (r=.64 P<.001), and frontal N30 potentials (r=.49 P<.001), and N13-N20 (r=.4.7 P=.003).

Changes and correlations were maintained at 3-month follow up.

CONCLUSION: Improvement of cervical spine alignment has an effect on central conduction time.

(This is a conference presentation abstract and not a full work that has been published.)


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