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Dr. Franco Columbu – Chiropractor, Mr. Olympia, Powerlifter

It is with great sadness we heard the news that Dr. Franco Columbu passed away.

If you followed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, read the bios, watched Pumping Iron or a few Terminator films – you would know Franco.

Two time Mr. Olympia, Italian Boxing champion, European Powerlifting champion, one of the World’s Strongest Men, Actor, Author and Arnold’s Chiropractor. Franco was a helluva lot of bloke packed in a small body.

Arnold And Franco

Dr. Franco Columbu received his DC degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1977 and was recognised by the school as the “2003 Alum of the Year.” He completed a “Diversified Technique and Reflex” course at the Los Angeles Chiropractic College and has participated in the ACA Sports Council.

With first hand experience of the necessity of Chiropractic in his personal and professional lives, Dr. Columbu was an authority on sports medicine and kinesiology and he applied his knowledge to several books.

These titles included “Weight Training and Bodybuilding: A Complete Guide for Young Athletes” (with Dr. Richard Tyler, DC); “Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” (with a foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger); and “The Bodybuilder’s Nutrition Book” (with Lydia Fragomeni).

Takes an athlete to really know an athlete.

The 51 Year Bromance: Arnold and Franco

Franco Deadlift

Dr. Hooper’s Comment

As a young fella, I was intently interested in Arnold, training, nutrition and competing. Indeed Arnold put the sport of body building on the map. As I read about Arnold, I soon learnt about Franco – his Chiropractor.

It never occurred to me that you could use Chiropractic to enhance your performance. But, heck if Arnold did it then it must be worth looking at. Who knows, may have influenced me to become a Chiro back in the day. Enjoy the videos and old school photos. Legend.

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