Where Is Your Denny? Japan!

Dean Using His Denny

Where is Your Denny? Japan.

For Spinal and Postural Correction that continues outside the Practice, Denneroll provides a scientifically valid and clinically effective spinal orthotic to enhance your health.

Fifteen to twenty minutes is all that is required to achieve good curve correction.

It is an integral part of your care. Remember to get the best results – you will have to do your home work.

Brush Your Teeth. Use Your Denneroll.

We encourage all patients at The Spinal Centre to use the Denneroll regularly at home to further enhance the traction and exercises done in clinic.  With the Denneroll being so compact, you can continue to correct your spine – while travelling the globe.


“Recent research in 4 Randomised Clinical Trials (RCT’s) show 13.4 degrees of Cervical Curve Correction by using the Denneroll” – Dr. Hooper

This is Dean using his Denny while away in Japan. We are not sure if he was actually travelling or just threw out his bed at home. He assures us he was overseas.

If you are away and using your Denneroll send us a picture we would love to see!

Email your pictures to: 


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