Where’s your Denny? Bali?

Ian Using His Denny

Continue to Benefit from Care while on Holidays

For effective spinal health care that continues outside of The Spinal Centre, the Denneroll Spinal Orthotics provide an effective stretch to your muscles and spine. 

We encourage those who are involved in the rehabilitation at The Spinal Centre to use the Denneroll regularly at home to further enhance the traction and exercises done in clinic. 

Holidays usually means chiropractic care goes out the window! With the Denneroll being so compact, our patients can continue to correct their spine while travelling the globe.

This is Ian using his Denny while away in Bali! Thank you so much for sending in the picture! 

If you are away and using your Denneroll send us a picture we would love to see!

Email your pictures to: 

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